HL Leonard Model 53 Tournament bamboo rod 10' 3/2

SKU: VFT6114

For sale here is a H.L. Leonard, pre-fire Model 53 Tournament bamboo rod. 10', 3/2. Originally catalogued as 5 3/4 oz. Likely made in the 1940s-1950s. The rod is in very good condition. All of the components, canvas bag, tip tube appear to be original. The rod has received an overcoat of varnish at some point and the varnish remains in very good condition with a few soft spots and bag marks. One tip is 2 1/2" short and has a very slight fishing set. The other tip is 4 1/2" short with a more pronounced fishing set. The rod weighs 5.55 oz with either tip. Good ferrule fit. One tip top has a clear agate insert and the other has a red agate insert. The female ferrules have the patent date stamps. Sliding band with pocketed and stamped cap. Hookkeeper. Agate stripping guide.