Leonard Mills Model 44A Raised Pillar Fly Reel

For sale here is a late-era Leonard Mills Model 44A raised pillar fly reel. The labeled box, while extremely tattered and in pieces, is an added bonus. Very good condition overall. 2 5/8" diameter (including the pillar width). The length of the pillars is 0.78". No cracks or deep scratches in the hard rubber side plates. Brushed aluminum frame and spool with no corrosion. Nickel silver foot, handle arm and oil cap. The cap is missing its internal screw and I think it's been secured by loctite or something similar as it does not unscrew. Many of the pillar screws have been in contact with the frame while being unscrewed and have left residual marks on the frame -- basically the heads of the screws are slightly too large and/or could be replacements. This is simply a cosmetic issue and in no way does it affect the utility of the reel. The perforated reel foot is full length and unmodified. The "Leonard Mills" on the headplate is faintly visible. The reel has a very smooth fixed click and is definitely a very fishable old classic. 

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