Leonard Mills Model 50B Raised Pillar Fly Reel


For sale is a scarce Leonard Mills Model 50B raised pillar fly reel. Similar to the more prevalent Model 50 and Model 50A, but with a wider spool. Made by Julius Vom Hofe. 3" diameter including pillar width and 1.17" pillar length. Aluminum frame with ebonite side plates, including a dished headplate with the Leonard Mills stamp legible and near the reel foot as opposed to near the stripping pillar. German silver screws, pillars, oil cap, and foot. Bronze arbor. Excellent overall condition with very slight wear. No cracks exist in the hard rubber. The foot is straight and unaltered. The screws are also in excellent condition. The reel winds properly and has a fairly neutral bias with a strong spring and loud click. Weight is 5.20 oz.