Leonard Mills Model 44 Raised Pillar Fly Reel

SKU: VFT12130

For sale here is a late era Leonard Mills Model 44 raised pillar fly reel. This is a post Julius Vom Hofe era reel, probably made in the early 1960s (I have the 1961 Wm Mills catalog and this reel appears in it). Frame and spool are made of duralumin and the side plates are made of hard rubber. The Model 44 is seen much less often than the slightly larger Model 50. The clicker works great, is of medium strength and the directional winding bias is fairly neutral, so right or left hand wind is achievable. The reel is in near mint condition (no cracks/scratches) and would be a nice addition to any collection. Reel weighs 4 1/8 oz, pillar to pillar diameter is 2 5/8", spool width is 11/16", unmolested reel foot is 2 3/8".