Leonard Salmon Rod 9'9" 3/2 #7

9'9" Leonard salmon rod "the Tournament" 3pc, 2T #7 line 8oz. Medium action, red wraps, pre fire. Very good condition except for one snake at the top of the butt needs a re- wrap. Orange band at ferrules and keeper. Brush coat varnish but a remarkably good jog for that. Only a few bubbles and embeded brush hairs Ferrules have the potbellie waist but no patent date. This rod could not have been fished much a few of the spots where varnish collected in the guides has not worn off. Large medium blunt cigar grip and a beautiful all nickel silver reel seat with soldered rail notched for the down lock screw ring. "Tournament" is stamped just above the pocket cap. The Leonard cartouche is stamped with " the Leonard Rod, H.L.Leonard Rod co, Makers" Knurled cap with the "target" pops out to accept a fighting butt with a large red rubber button. A venerable old lady I say. Comes with a grey poplin bag with a pendant bag for the fighting butt. Leonard hanging tag. Plastic tube.
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