LH Design / Megoff -- Amber Salmon 10/12


For sale here is a very fine and scarce LH Design / Megoff "Amber Salmon" for 10-12 weight lines. Ideal for 13-16 foot spey rods. Excellent+ condition. Left hand retrieve. The reel's diameter is 4 1/4" and the spool width is 1 1/4". The reel weighs 17 5/8 oz. Included with the sale is the original reel pouch.

From Leen's website:

The Amber Salmon

During the spring of 2010 this stunning salmon reel was developed in a joint project between L.H. Design and Megoff.

The use of PEI sideplates had already been experimented with in the Amber Trout reel and we were curious if the PEI was rigid and stable enough to be applied as sideplates in a larger salmon reel. The use of artificial materials in fly reel manufacture is, of course, very old: so-called HARD RUBBER and BAKELITE were used in reels during the first half of the 20th. century (and even later). So the use of PEI is based upon a historic use of materials; however there are some important differences.

Firstly: PEI is a very modern "high performance plastic". The use of plastics has had a bad name at times, for some applications (and it still has) because of the unreliable quality of the more common materials in daily use. This reputation was connected to cheap mass produced goods that frequently had to be repaired or replaced. The new generation of space age artificial materials, however, is completely different and provides greatly improved strength, reliability and stability and offers exciting opportunities both in terms of experimental design and weight reduction.

Secondly: PEI has a stunning transparent appearance and a specific Amber colouration and shine that in my opinion forms a perfect combination for reels in terms of a technically and aesthetically exciting design, whilst still being reminiscent of the historic classic salmon reels of old. The Amber Salmon reel has developed into a classic looking reel with the most sophisticated material applications.

The spool is machined from a solid block of Ti. whilst the frame is totally constructed from high grade Ti. The S-crank handle was designed after the well known "Serpentine" handles, yet is subtly different to find that specific balance between Classic and Modern design. The drag block features an even, smooth, precise and progressive build up of drag force in 3.5 turns over a sounded traject. The reel's capacity is designed to suit all situations of fishing for wild, powerful Salmon and is rated at 10/12 Wt.

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