Lyle Dickerson Model 861711-D Bamboo Rod 8'6" 3/2 #5/6

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For sale here is an original Lyle Dickerson Model 861711-D bamboo rod. 8'6, 3/2 for a 5/6 weight line. Built in 1937. Excellent original condition. All sections are full-length. No prior repairs are evident. There were 152 of the 861711 model rods built and 14 known to exist as of the time the Dickerson book was published. The rod weighs 4.8 oz. Cigar grip with down-locking hardware (8 threads per inch) and standard walnut insert. What makes this rod highly scarce is the tapered walnut end cap with the pinned aluminum pocketed butt cap. Brown silk thread wraps with black edging. Blued nickel silver ferrules and guides. Rare and early strap and ring style hook-keeper. Blued aluminum winding check. Typical pre-WWII agate stripping guide. The node pattern/spacing on this early rod is not easily identified. Lyle started using 3x3 node spacing around 1940. The ferrule fit is great. The grip is slightly soiled but is very solid.  Varnish is a bit soft in spots and there are some bag marks, but it's still in excellent condition. The two tips have very slight fishing sets in them. The rod comes with a replacement bag (it could be original but it seems to be a couple of inches short) and original tube.

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