Mario Wojnicki Fly Rod 245GF 8'1" 3/2 #5

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An excellent Mario Wojnicki fly rod, an 8'1" 3-piece 2-tip in 5-sided penta construction, model 245GF. The serial number is 62718. Slow full-flexing action. Mario lists this for a #5 line but I could see it fishing well with a #4 as well. GF stands for glass ferrule, one of Mario's specialties. Flamed cane with lighter colored nodes. Chrome guides and a mildrum carbide stripper. Main wraps are clear with brown at the ferrules. There are one and two bands of red at the tip tops to distinguish the two tips. I am not certain what kind of varnish this is (water based?) but it isn't spar varnish, as it has a different look and smell. The model number and serial number are labeled on the butt 2 flats right and "M. Wojnicki" 4 flats right. 6 1/2" grip still has the paper and tape wrap. It has a Powell-esque grip which starts quite slim above the reel seat and flares to a slight ball near the middle then dips again before flaring to a bulb at the front. No front cork check. A thin band of dark wood acts as a rear cork check. Flatted wood seat has 2 thin offset nickel silver bands. A cork ball and a bottom of black wood caps the bottom of the rod. Ferrules are fiberglass and the fit is good. A few closed seams show here and there, mostly around the nodes. The rod appears to be unfished. The rod is equipped with black delrin ferrule plugs with nice thread loops. Tan bag with Mario's tag sewn in. Aluminum tube with "M Wojnicki, Maker" rolled on between two knurled trim lines. The brass top is engraved "245GF"  An outer bag with "JS" monogrammed on.