Marryat MP - Swiss Vise "Master"

For sale here is a Marryat Marc Petijean Swiss Vise "Master". Serial no. 0645. The vise and contents are in excellent++ condition and appear to have only been assembled.

This is a self-contained vise that makes it perfect for travel or storage. This is a rotary vise with an almost limitless amount of positions to hold the hook. The jaws use a tradition clamp as well as a screw tightening system to hold the hook. The kit includes a double material clip, extension arm, bobbin rest, c-clamp system, traditional base, light, tube fly mandrel (1, 1.5, 2mm), wastebasket, and contrast plate. Hook size range from #32 - 9/0. The vise and accessories except the light are held in a durable nylon case for travel. Also includes the original manual, invoice, and catalog.

This vise is a marvel in engineering and a great value for the price and would make for a perfect back-up or travel vise. 

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