Maxwell Leonard 39DF-5 Fly Rod 7'6" 2/2 #5

A handsome Maxwell Leonard 39DF-5 from the early Maxwell period. 2-piece, 2-tip. Excellent DF action. This rod is about as near to mint unused as you can get. I can see only the tiniest amount of brassing inside the snake guides. Of course this rod sports the superb and flawless Maxwell varnish finish. Light flame cane, 3-up node pattern wrapped light brown with darker brown edges on all wraps. "39DF-#5" inked on guide flat. Serial #561 on reverse side. Oxidized ferrules. 11 cork cigar grip. Downlocking screw lock with an aluminum acorn and nicker silver pocket cap. "H.L. Leonard Rod Co., The Rod Maker, since 1869" stamped into the cartouche on the pocket cap. Stained and varnished curly maple spacer. Brown poplin rod bag with stiffener and leather pull tab. Aluminum tube and brass top of the earlier style. Very nice rod indeed.