Maxwell Leonard 50M-5 8' 3/2 #5

An early period Maxwell Leonard 50M-5, 3-piece 2-tip. Serial #193. Standard blonde cane. The usual super varnish job. Honey colored wraps, brown at the ferrules. Overall condition of this rod is near mint ++. The only thing I could find on this was a little discoloration of the grip and a tiny amount of edge wear to the ring and the corner of the butt cap. 6 inch, 12 cork slim cigar grip. The grip has some compression dents from the guides pressing on it in the tube. The reel seat has the late model Leonard cap-and-ring hardware with the "H.L. Leonard Rod co, the Rod Maker,  since 1869" stamp, however the nicely varnished reel seat is butternut wood done with a rounded flat for the reel foot. Unusual! Good ferrule fit, and straight. A classic rod for those who like the medium full flexing action. Bag with leather pull tab, and early style aluminum tube with brass top and bottom.
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