Maxwell Leonard 7'6" 3/2 #6 49-6 Spring Creek

We're delighted to offer this Maxwell Leonard for sale again (the last owner decided he needed to thin his collection a bit). This 49-6 is not only a rare line weight in a rod of this length but also a fine example of the high quality rods that Leonard made during the Maxwell period. It's in pristine condition with little-to-no signs of use. The specifications are 7'6" 3/2 for a #6 line. This 49-6 has honey color wraps on the guides and burgundy wraps on the ferrules. Both the slide band reel seat and ferrules are bright and unoxodized. One of the first things I checked on this rod was the reel seat spacer -- made of tiger stripe maple -- whose amber color came from a heat-treating process and which marks it as one of the rods that I worked on myself at Leonard fairly early in my rodmaking career. This is also an incredibly powerful casting rod in this configuration. Great if you need to turn over an extra long leader or push a large dry fly or hopper (I fish a configuration like this on the Delaware).

It comes with an original bag and brass tube. All numbers match, with the tips bearing 1 or 2 dots respectively. It is serial number #80137.

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