Maxwell Leonard 8'2/2 #6 40M "P"

An excellent Leonard 40M-6, serial #602 "P" in 99% mint condition. 8' 2/2 for a #6 line. This is a later Maxwell period Leonard with a nice mortised tiger maple uplocking screwlock reel seat (polished bright). The grip is a 13 cork slim cigar and the keeper is set on the wrap flat, with "602" and "P" under the keeper wrap. "40M-6" lettered on the shaft in the usual precise script. Carbide stripping guide. The main wraps are honey colored with brown at the ferrules and cinnamon accent wraps at the ferrules, keeper, and tip-tops. Ferrules are oxodized in the signature pewter color. 5 star varnish, absolutely blemish free. The only thing that makes this rod a "P" is the water mark on the wrap flat between the stripping guide and the first guide (see very bottom photo on the left). Excellent ferrule fit, and sections are nice and straight. Smooth, powerful action makes this a great western trout rod! Correct bag and tube, the latter with the Leonard pewter colored frost anodizing and a handsome brass top. Nice rod.

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