McFarland - 8'6" 4wt 3 pc. Fiberglass Fly Rod

SKU: VFT2052

For sale here we have a fantastic Mike McFarland 8'6" 4wt 3 pc. fiberglass fly rod finished out wonderfully by a hobbyist. The rod is in excellent condition though there is a barely visible light scratch down the butt section. This scratch is under the varnish. Made of S-Glass and weighing 2.25 oz. McFarland is arguably rolling some of the best glass blanks out there right now. The rod features a deep brown sanded blank with matching wraps. The winding check, signature wrap, stripping guide, female ferrules, and tip-top are accented with white tipping. Bright guides. The sleeve ferrules fit perfectly. Modified full wells grip with only the lightest soiling. Nickel silver cap and ring reel seat over a mortised burl wood spacer. The action is wonderful. Medium side of medium-fast action and with all the feel one looks for in a glass rod. Includes original bag and is pvc tube.