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Megoff Fly Reel - Titanium 5-7wt

For sale here is a Megoff Model MDS 57 DD LA Ti fly reel made by Alex Kaplun. The reel is machined from solid, high-grade titanium and built to last longer than any of us will! The MDS reel models have a skeletal frame design, carbon fiber disc drag, and outgoing click.

The MDS disk drag system features a) a waterproof capsule design, which eliminates the "aqua-gliding" side effect. It also provides well controlled braking at any speed of the spool, b) "High Energy Friction Pair", the stainless steel and carbon composite were used to provide perfect friction control for this disk drag system, and c) "Short Shift", the MDS has short drag regulation. It takes only 0.5-1 turn of drag knob to get from min to max position.

Reel diameter -- 3.23" (82mm)
Spool width -- 1.10" (28mm)
Capacity -- WF7F & 75yds of 20# backing
Weight -- 6.42 oz (182g)

This reel is available currently and doesn't require a 2-3 month wait time like the other Megoff reels offered here at Vintage Fly Tackle.

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