Mike Spittler Quad Fluted Hollowbuilt Fly Rod 9' 3/2 #4

A superb M. K. Spittler Co. serial #488, 9' 3/2 quad for a #4 line. Boasts a bright uplocking screwlock with delrin button over what appears to be a cedar spacer. Another "lawn cast" specimen. The rod has oxidized square-to-round ferrules, an agate stripping guide, and chrome tip-tops and guides. This rod also exhibits the square delrin check that is hallmark of Sam Carlson's influence. Lovely medium flame cane with garnet red wraps and black edges. This rod has a number of nice small touches too, like the "light bulb" thread of the screw lock barrel, the red trim marks on the ferrules and the aluminum and cork finial-shaped ferrule plugs. The varnish is superb. This rarely seen maker is also an excellent machinist and Rivett lathe collector of considerable note. My bet is that this rod won't last long. Medium action. Poplin bag with pocket for ferrule plugs and an attractive sewn-in label. Aluminum tube with Mike's label sticker.