Kushner, Morris -- "Exelereme" Bamboo Rod - 6'5 2/2 5wt

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For sale here is a very rare Morris Kushner "Exelereme" bamboo rod -- 6 feet 5 inches, 2/2 for a 5 weight line. Excellent+ and all-original condition. Parabolic and very powerful medium fast action. Kushner rods are very scarce as he made less than 200 rods (some say ~100) in his Michigan shop from the early 1950's until his death in 1973. Kushner was a Russian immigrant who had a metal working operation not far from the Paul Young Rod Co. shop. He built all of his own rod making equipment. Bob Summers eventually acquired his equipment and then began making rods of his own. Kushner experimented with odd lengths and uneven sections to move around the ferrules in seeking perfection in his actions. This rod was moderately heat-treated/tempered, resulting in straw-colored cane and features very unique criss cross wraps, which I consider simply stunning. The rod also has bright Super Z ferrules, blued snakes and tip top, a rosewood reel seat spacer with aluminum pocketed butt cap and ring. The pocketed butt cap is an open-ended ring which exposes the rosewood end grain beneath it. The grip is diminutive at 5" long including the winding check wraps as the grip tapers down. This rod exhibits some of Kushner's willingness to build non-traditional rods seeking the ultimate action in that the butt is about an inch longer than the tips. The tips are slightly different in length too, about 0.15" -- not because of a break and repair at the tip-tip, the rod was made this way. All sections are straight - no sets. Rod weighs only 2.15 ounces. Ferrules are size 12/64. Comes with original green bag and leather tube, both presumably original. This is the ultimate collector-grade Kushner rod and casts wonderfully, surely able to stand up to large trout seeking shelter. One of the most powerful "Midge" tapers I have come across.