Maurice Noel M 500 TD fly reel

SKU: VFT5351

For sale here is a Maurice Noel salmon/steelhead reel - his largest model, the M 500 TD. Titanium frame with delrin sideplates. Multiplier. Adjustable drag knob on the back plate works perfectly throughout its range and the drag is silky smooth. The reel is right hand retrieve and is in excellent+ condition with only some very slight marks on the sideplates. Diameter is 4" / spool width: 1 1/2" / weight: 17 oz. Capacity WF11F + 200yds 20lbs.Comes with an extremely well made and well fitting Arne Mason leather case.

Don't miss out on this one! Maurice's most recent price list has this reel listed for $4,800 new.

From Maurice's website:

Completely designed in the tradition of the classics Vom Hofe, these reels are machined in our factory from the finest of modern materials available today. To give superior strength and structural integrity, the multi pieces frame, spool, S handle and braking knob are machined and hand polished in 100% pure titanium. This material is incredibly strong, look beautiful on a fly reel and is completely corrosion proof. To maintain a jewel-like quality and to provide you with a reel that will last a lifetime all the parts are expertly hand buffed and meticulously assembled, one at the time, to close tolerances. High quality stainless steel heat treated to ensure long wear is used for shaft dog and pawl. The gear are cut in aircraft aluminium bronze. Every screw is 316 stainless steel is individually hand buffed to improve the finish and the corrosion resistance.

Braking System :The old proven traditional drum and shoe system ensures the ability to control hard running fish which often occurs in atlantic salmon fishing. This drag has 8 settings. The highly polished stainless steel drum combined with 2 large delrin shoes and 4 heavy duty springs give the reel exceptional smoothness to protect even the finest tippet.

Bearings :The bearings are oil impregnated bronze. Wear life cannot be applied to BOST-BRONZE Bearings. Under ideal conditions the shaft rides on a film of oil, and will give almost infinite life.

These series are available in single action (SA) or with multiplying system (M). The larger models with 1.500 spool width are particularly designed to hold 120 to 150 ft special spey lines.