North Fork 4/5 Fly Reel

For sale here is a classic S-handle style fly reel retailed by North Fork in the 4/5 size. "84-012" is written on the spool, as is "45" and "Japan". Reel is in good condition with no mechanical issues. It winds smoothly with no wobble or end play. Can be used RHW or LHW and switched easily. A little rim rash here and there as seen in photos - as always, I photographed the worst parts of wear on the frame so there are no surprises. There's also a ding to the rim at the 5 o'clock position in the first photo, but this is purely cosmetic, as it does not rub the spool while winding and it is not cracked. The reel disassembles easily via a "fingernail" two-screw latch plate. This reel was made in Japan in the late 80's for a short-lived operation in Kansas City called North Fork Outfitters. It has a reputation as being a very well-made reel. And they are very rarely seen for sale. Weighs 5.35 oz with the WF4 line and backing on it. Diameter is 2 3/4".

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