Orvis CFO III Limited Edition fly reel - 1977/1978

SKU: VFT6193

For sale here is a Orvis CFO III Limited Edition fly reel, machined out of solid bar stock aluminum. The reel appeared in the 1977 and 1978 catalogs along with Limited Edition Orvis Classic Fly Rod with mahogany presentation chest, This limited edition model was limited to 300 reels, each numbered. The reel offered here is #241. The reel was actually priced separately in the 1978 catalog as the "Limited Edition Charles F. Orvis Reel.....$95.00", but only offered as part of the presentation set in the 1977 catalog. What I cannot figure out is why the rods were limited to 200 while 300 reels were produced. Any information anyone out there has would certainly be appreciated.

The reel was made in England for Orvis by Hardy. Left or right hand retrieve. Capacity up to a WF6 line + 50 yards of 20# backing. The reel weighs 3.0 oz. Near mint condition with a couple of extremely tiny handling marks (see photo #3 - left of and above the pillar). No signs of the reel foot ever being attached to a rod and certainly no evidence of grime inside the reel from fishing use. Truly a fine example for the CFO collectors out there. Don't miss out!