Orvis Shooting Star Bamboo Rod

SKU: VFT6084

For sale here is an 8'6" Orvis "Shooting Star" impregnated bamboo rod. Serial #43212 built in 1966. The rod is in excellent condition. All sections are equal length and straight. Fully assembled, the rod actually measures closer to 8'7", or 8'9" with the extension butt attached. The extension section comes from a graphite "Shooting Star" model, which is why the extension butt is marked 9'. The rod has not been repaired and it fits perfectly into its original bag and tube. The rod weighs 6.55 oz (without the butt) and the ferrules are 16/64 and fit together perfectly. Comes with the original green bag with separate pocket for the 2" extension butt and the original tube missing its label.