Paul Hermann Salmon Reel 3 1/4"

A superb Paul Hermann salmon reel in left hand wind (LHW). Mint, unused and unlined, 3 1/4" diameter and 2 3/8" wide. Stamped with the serial #174. Stainless rims, silver aluminum spool, and black Delrin side plates. The serpentine crank sports a black handle.

The adjustable drag is very strong and will stop the biggest salmon and steelhead. Screw on, screw off oil cap. "#174, P Hermann Maker" is stamped on the foot.

This is an exquisite work from the late Maine maker who made only a very small number of reels. This one comes packed in a black leather case by Arnie Mason with "P. Hermann M.D.  reel maker, Maine, USA" embossed on the case top. On the back of the case is "No. 174" and "Ouzel", the name of the American Dipper bird beloved by John Muir.

Paul Hermann reels are the rarest to be found of reel makers in the Vom Hofe and Walker tradition.

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