Payne 204

Payne 204 8 1/2' 3pc 2-tip, one tip is 3 3/4" short. All other sections are full length. Refinished, but a very professional job. Ferrules date from the '20's on '30's as they are the "pot belly" type seen on older Payne and Leonard rods (I love the sculptural touches found on these early catskill tradition rods). Wraps are brown with yellow edges and purple accents at the male ferrules. Blunt cigar grip with a thin band of lignum vitae ( a tropical wood denser than water) set in the middle of the grip. I have been told this was done on rods sold by Clapp & Treat of Hartford, Ct. Spanish cedar slide band seat. Cap and ring show the beautiful tiny scallops edging the fine knurl. Slight amount of brassing to hardware edges. Agate stripper and agate tip tops. Original bag and tube but hang tag has been detached and pressed into the brass top. A very nice "fisher".
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