Payne 207 Fly Rod 9' 3/2 #5/6

EF Payne model 207, a 9' 3 piece, 2 tip medium-slow action rod for a #5/6 line. All sections are full length, one of the tips being a replacement tip. Recent refinish and a fairly decent one. Ferrules have been re-set. Some of the guides are new with a few slightly used. 

Uplocking screw-lock with a walnut barrel spacer that has been polished. Screw lock barrel may have been replaced as the die stamp on the nut does not line up with the barrel mortise precisely. Western grip has been replaced. 

Wrapped brown with red edges, yellow at the ferrules, yellow and purple at the keeper. Ferrules are oxidized. Original bag (no tag) and original tube with a brass top and bottom. 

This is a good durable fishing rod that is plenty ready to go. A nice opportunity for someone who has always wanted to fish a Payne and to do so on a budget.

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