Payne 400 Salmon Rod 9'6" 3/2 #8

SKU: 260

An excellent Payne 400 series salmon rod, 9'6" 3-piece, 2-tip and built for what feels like an #8 line. Medium slow action. This is a lightly used 1950's era rod and one of the nicest Payne rods I have seen in a while. Reverse twist snakes, perfection stripper. Wrapped brown with red or maroon edges. One wrap at the bottom snake guide on the mid has a few strands of thread loose and needs some attention. All the other wraps are good. There is a small hook dig between this guide and the male ferrule. The butt female ferrule also has a few hook induced varnish chips missing. There are a few faint bag impressions here and there, but overall the varnish is superb. The 7" long western-style grip has a guide crunch depression near the bottom. Varnished spanish cedar insert, uplocking screw lock stamped "Payne. reg us pat off." The ferrule plug for the fighting butt detaches easily and the ferrule fits are excellent. The butt female has a 1950's style ferrule plug but the one for the mid female is missing (I can make you one for a small additional charge). The fighting butt looks as if it had never been used and fits into a pouch in the canvass outer bag. Payne rod tube and bag but no hang tag. Overall this is a nice example of Payne's salmon models.