Payne Salmon Rod No. 400 9' 3/2

A gorgeous Payne 9' 3-piece, 2-tip salmon rod weighing 6 5/8 ounces. The varnish on this rod is magnificent with no bag marks or other signs of wear. The rod is wrapped brown with red edges and yellow and purple at the keeper and ferrules. Comes with beautiful classic Payne ferrule plugs. The grip is done western style with very light soiling. The reel seat is an uplocking screw lock with a plug for the fighting butt, all over a Spanish cedar spacer. Perfection stripping guide with heavy wire reverse-twist snake guides. This rod is definitely ready for the Gaspe or wherever you plan on landing your next 20 lb salmon. Comes with hanging tags, Payne tube, and overbag with pocket for fighting butt (which has a large red rubber button at the bottom). Beautiful workmanship.