Payne Fly Rod 8' 3/2 #5/6

SKU: 139

  • A nice EF Payne fly rod, 8' 3-piece, 2-tip for a #5 or #6 line. I believe this is either a model 201 or 202. This would work well as a semi-full flexing action for a 6wt or a fast 5. Medium brown tone cane with the usual Payne node spacing. This rod appears to have been semi refinished sometime in its past. Some seams are showing on the butt near the swell. One appears to be slightly open. Non-original stripper and one wrap at the top snake on the butt has been replaced. Dark stain at the foot of the top two guides on the midsection. Same thing at the top snake below the tip tops. The tip tops have been replaced with modern large hoop pear shape tops. Both tips have been clear wrapped from the tip tops down to the first guide. Tip male ferrules have been "chucked" to tighten the fit. Mid to butt ferrule fit good. 6" cigar grip. Correct keeper, front and rear cork checks. Walnut slide band seat. The usual Payne die stamp is rather faint. Dark grey felt in the brass top. Original bag and tube but no hang tag.

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