Payne Model 204 Bamboo Rod 8'6" 3/2 #4/5

SKU: VFT10587

For sale here is a Payne Model 204 bamboo rod -- 8'6 3/2 4-5wt weighing 4 1/2 oz. Rod is in excellent+ restored condition. The restoration was performed by John Bradford. All sections are full length and straight. All of the hardware is blued and in superb cosmetic condition. Blued cap and ring over a gorgeous and un-marred spanish cedar insert. Chestnut brown thread wraps with black trim with maroon edges at the hook keeper and male ferrules. The grip is soiled but it one of the smoothest and nicest grips I've ever seen. Includes original bag and tube with replacement tube label. The action of the rod is medium, full-flexing and silky smooth!