Per Brandin Quad 866 3/3 DF HB [SOLD]

An excellent 8'6" #6 Per Brandin quad. This 3-piece rod is in very good condition and comes with 3 tips, one of which has a slightly flatter taper for use with wet flies. The bright spar varnish is in excellent condition and the rod has handsome, understated adornments. The cane has a medium flame color and has been wrapped in light olive with black edges at the ferrules and the keeper. Rod is marked "Brandin", "866-3DF", and "HB 1/00". The reel seat is a bright downlocking screw lock commercially made with whitworth-style threads and a re-cut and re-knurled nut. The wood spacer is a lovely mahogany, and the seat accepts a detachable fighting butt (included). Agate stripper. Ferrules are squared and oxidized and come with plugs. The tips of this rod are marked with extra wind at tip-tops to easily distinguish them from one another. This rod is hollow built and has a medium-fast action. The owner of this Brandin fished it occasionally for landlocked salmon, though it would also be an excellent rod for large trout and good sized water. Brass-topped rod tube with overbag and a small pouch for the fighting butt.

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