Pezon et Michel "Speedcast II - Type Riccardi" Bamboo Rod

SKU: VFT11048

For sale here is a Pezon et Michel Super Parabolic PPP, Speedcast II - Type Riccardi bamboo rod. 2.42 metres, 7' 11 1/2", #5-6, 2/2. This rod is very hard to find as it was only made for one year! Made in France. Staggered ferrule set up with original plug; green tyings tipped with red; in original P & M red satin bag and gray PVC tube. The rod is in excellent original condition. Note, this is a French made P&M, not a Sharpe's or Farlow's rod built on a P&M blank.

In 1949, a new series was created, even more sophisticated than Parabolic: RITZ SUPERPARABOLIC PPP, where PPP means Puissance Pendulaire Progressive (i.e. Pendular Progressive Power. These initials clearly focus the target of all developments…). This series, that shortly become well recognized worldwide, constitutes the top of the whole production of the "magical" trio Plantet – Ritz – Creusevaut. PPP series distinguishes itself from Parabolic ones for the research of the best balance between length and strength; the characteristic balance found in coupling two different length pieces, moving the female joint ferrule nearer to handle, supplies more quickness without loosing precision and efficiency in short-range casts.

When used by the best skilled fly casters, such rods (built with highest quality raw material, with luxury finish and details) can perform long distance casts, although working smoothly and precisely within few meters too. All rods are manufactured in two different length pieces....

SPEEDCAST II 1977. 7' 11 1/2" #5 type Riccardi, two pieces, ref. 267

[with thanks to - Pezon et Michel, The Story]