Pflueger Hawkeye Fly Reel - 60 yd

For sale here is a 60 yd Pflueger Hawkeye fly reel. Excellent condition. The next step up in quality of the Pflueger reel lineup was the "Hawkeye". What sets this reel apart from the Delite is that all metal parts are made of nickel silver - the bands, spool flanges, pillars, foot, screws--including cap screw for winding arm, winding arm, tailplate bearing cap, counter-balance. With side plates and handle made of hard rubber, this reel contains the trademark Bulldog logo and collectors know it's generally difficult to find a Hawkeye with a standout logo. Most of them over time have lessened in sharpness due to handling and the general wear of the hard rubber. This reel has the standard slotted bearing cap for oiling and there is a small, shallow crack in it as shown in the photos. Mechanically, this reel is in superb condition, very tight and a very strong consistent click. On/off button works as intended.

I also have listed this reel as included in this set of the three popular Pflueger hard rubber reels. Pricing is more attractive if you want all three reels together.

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