Phillipson - "Pacemaker" 8'6 3/1 5-6wt Bamboo Rod


For sale here is a Phillipson "Pacemaker" 8’6” 3/1 5-6wt bamboo rod. The rod remains in excellent, mostly original condition. The rod has received a light varnish overcoat as well as having the mid-section female ferrule re-wrapped; both were performed by South Creek Ltd. (Mike Clark). Lastly, there is a slight bend to the bottom guide on the mid-section and one on the tip. This in no way affects usage or action. All sections are full length and straight. 

The rod features lovely moderately tempered cane with green (similar to Granger green) wraps and black tipping. Ever so slightly swelled butt. The script remains as clean and bold as the day it was written. Interestingly, the script includes "Lady Esther" below the rod model. Custom script from the factory is quite unusual to see on Phillipson rods, perhaps a custom order or made for a Phillipson employee. Full wells grip 6 1/2" in length with moderate soiling and free of ridging. Slight wear at the bottom from being used as a hook keeper. Aluminum down-locking reel seat over a green aluminum spacer. Light wear to the reel seat. The ferrule fit is great, nice and snug. The action is a smooth and versatile medium-fast with excellent recovery. The authoritative butt along with the delicate tip makes this rod particularly well suited for far and fine fishing on lakes and larger rivers. I prefer the rod with a DT5 line. Weight is 4.85 oz. Includes the original bag and tube with a small portion of the label remaining. 

A great example of this classic blue-collar rod.