Powell, Walton - Chico Era = 8 1/2' 4 pc. Graphite Fly Rod


For sale here is a Chico-era Walton Powell -- 8'6" 5-7wt 4 pc. graphite fly rod. The butt also features the script, "Giorgio Benecci's Products Modena - Italia". Benecci's have made widely popular fly fishing gear including many of the cases including sold with Ari 't Hart reels.

Dark gray sanded blank with burgundy wraps and bright guides. U-shaped hook-keeper. The reverse half wells grip measures 6 3/4" in length with a rather slender profile. The cork is only mildly soiled. black aluminum up-locking reel seat over a fine wood spacer. The sleeve over ferrules fit together perfectly.  The rod weighs 3.85 oz. The action is on the faster side of medium-fast for a graphite rod.

Includes the original bag and tube with label and fine brass fittings.