Chris Raine (Dunsmuir Rod Co) 8'3" 3/2 #5 Bamboo Rod

SKU: VFT5347

For sale here is an extremely nice hollow-built bamboo rod made by Chris Raine - 8'3 2/2 for a 4 or 5 weight line (I'd call it a true 5 weight). The rod is in unfished condition. The action is authoritative and on the medium side of medium fast. Flexes deep into the butt if called upon (plenty of reserve power). Back in 2011, Chris called it his "Fin Deluxe" model. Powell-style grip, oxidized ferrules and guides, transparent silks tipped with dark claret, 2x2x2 node pattern. The truncated ferrules are size 13/64 and 18/64. Original bag, bag tag and labeled aluminum tube. Chris charges $2,500 for a new rod and you can get this one without the long wait for much less. Don't miss out as this shouldn't last long at this price!