RD Taylor Fly Rod 7' 2/2 #3

A great little R.D. Taylor 7' 2-piece, 2-tip rod for a #3 line. Beautiful flametone in color, this rod has a geat medium action. Mint unused. Marked 24 3-187 on shaft and constructed in a 2 opposed node pattern. Wrapped tan with red edges. Keeper 1 flat right. Medium cigar grip and nice all cork grip. Rear cork check and Bob's excellent handmade cap and ring. Cap logo stamp reads "R.D., Taylor, maker". Step ferrules are oxidized.I can't see any sign this rod has been cast. Please note: there is some dust in the varnish of all sections. Ferrules are tight and all sections straight. This rod is fast enough to be very accurate and slow enough to qualify for the term "sweet". Correct bag and brushed aluminum brass topped case.