RD Taylor Flametone 7'6" 3/2 #5

A handsome RD Taylor Flametone #35-5, 7'6" 3-piece, 2-tip, for a #5 line. Serial # 339. Medium full-flexing action. This rod boasts Flamed cane with an agate stripping guide and a 2-up node pattern construction. Excellent varnish finish. Golden tan wraps edged in red at the ferrues, guide wraps and keeper (the keeper is one flat right). "35-5-339" lettered on the guide flat. Cap and ring seat with a lovely quilted walnut varnished spacer. As always, Bob's excellent handmade hardware shows some of his Leonard Rod Company roots. Cigar grip. Step ferrules. Tan poplin rod bag, and rod tube with a brass cap and bottom. Very nice rod.

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