RD Taylor Fly Rod 6'6" 2/2 #4

An excellent 6'6" 2-piece, 2-tip fly rod from Catskill maker Bob Taylor. Delicate DF action for a 4 weight line. Fine tips. This rod is in excellent lightly used condition. Straw colored rod shafts, 2-up node pattern construction."23H-115" is lettered on the rod shaft guide flat. Keeper one flat right. Honey colored wraps with red edges at keeper and ferrules. Carbide stripper. Excellent varnish. Rod comes with Bob's signature handmade cap-and-ring hardware and hand-flatted slide band reel seat. Step ferrules. Straight and ready to use. This rod will be someone's prize, and is a phenomenal example of light catskill rodbuilding. Original bag and tube.