Ron Kusse Special Fly Rod 8' 2/2 #6

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A nice Ron Kusse "Special" fly rod, 8', 2-piece, 2 tips, built for a #6 line. Serial #8426. Strong DF action. Appears to have been lawn cast only. A one-piece walnut grip and reel seat. Tan colored cane, node pattern appears to be random, with some nodes adjacent to each other. Tips are not mirrored. Wraps are light tan and brown at the ferrules and tip tops. Super Z style ferrules which are oxidized pewter. The cap and ring are stamped "Ron Kusse, Maker" in the cartouche. The oxidation on the cap is very spotty. Ron could varnish a rod with the best of them and this rod is an excellent example. He learned from Tom Maxwell. The tan cloth bag has a stiffener, a data tag, and a bamboo ferrule plug sewn to the bag. Comes with a brass cap aluminum tube.