Sage 10th Anniversary Model -- 8'9 7wt Graphite Rod

SKU: VFT1270

For sale here is a rare and special Sage "10th Anniversary Model" - 8'9" 7wt 2 pc. graphite fly rod. The rod celebrates Sage's 10th year in 1990. This rod is number 25 in a series of 300. The rod remains in mint condition with one exception. Unfortunately, the threaded portion of the reel seat is no longer securely glued and will rotate slightly when turned. Although this doesn't affect its use or ability to tightly secure a reel in any way. 

The rod features a sanded dark brown blank with mahogany wraps and clay-colored tipping. Mahogany with gold tipping at the winding check, signature wrap, and female ferrule. Bright guides. Ceramic stripping guides. Large u-shaped hook keeper. The full wells grip is 6 3/4" in length with only the slightest evidence of being handled. Nickel silver uplocking reel seat over a cherry spacer. The cork fighting butt measures 1" and features a medallion on the bottom with the rod's serial number. The sleeve over ferrule remains in perfect condition. The rod weighs 3.80 oz. The action is terrific; fast yet it retains feel and sensitivity in the tip, unlike many of today's broomstick-like rods. The rod includes the original bag and a handsome Holland leather tube with brass appointments. This is the ultimate rod for the Sage fan.

Length: 8'9"

Line: #7

Weight:3.80 oz. 

Pieces: 2

The 10th Anniversary Billy Pate reel that came with the rod can be found here.