Sam Carlson "Thomas Four" Fly Rod 7'6" 2/2 #4

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An excellent Sam Carlson "Thomas four" quad fly rod, 7'6", 2-piece, 2-tip built for a #4 line. Serial #643-4752. Used but in excellent original condition, straight, good ferrule fit, no hook digs. The serial number indicates this was the 3rd rod of 1964. Superb varnish in great condition. Sam used Cosmo Spar and gave me the first quart I used. I have found it to be by far and away the best rod varnish made as it never gets gummy. Unfortunately, it is not available now although I still have 2 quarts I carefully conserve. Maroon wraps with black edges, fore and aft at the ferrules. The keeper is placed 1 flat right. 6 black wind-aways at the keeper. Lettered "Thomas four" opposite the guide flat and the serial # "643-4752" 3 flats right. A black front cork check is flatted square to the rod as is the front of the western-style cork grip. The grip is 6 1/4" long and hand soiled. The reel seat is flatted cork and the superbly crafted nickel silver ring has a small rounded straight knurl. Sam was an ace machinist and spent some of his time away from rod making as a Tool and Die maker. Another flatted ring at the bottom of the reel seat acts as a support for the oxidized nickel silver pocket cap and is pinned to it. The step ferrules are oxidized and squared to meet the cane. The bag is original and has that wonderful old varnish smell to it. Comes with the original Thomas brass top and collar with a white felt insert in the top. The previous owner has enclosed the tube in a nicely made green corduroy outer bag. This rod is a piece of history from one of the last links to the old masters of rod making.