Saracione Deluxe Trout Reel 2 3/4" RHW

SKU: 349

A nice Saracione Deluxe trout reel in 2 3/4" size, set up for RHW.  Part of Joe's bench-made deluxe series, this is a classic s-style reel with black delrin side plates with stainless steel rims and pillars. This reel has been fished and shows some modest wear to to the side plates and rims. Serial # 324. Fixed check drag. My scale shows 4.9 ounces though that includes the backing currently left on this reel. Comes in a handsome leather case designed by Arne Mason with the Saracione logo impressed in the top. There is also a small plastic bag with a spring and some extra internal parts, just in case. A great chance to pick up a classic style reel from this modern master.