Joe Saracione SCA Fly Reel 3 1/4"

SKU: VFT6434

For sale here is a early and rarely seen Saracione SCA (Saracione Classic American) -- 3 1/4" diameter bench-made reel. Near mint condition. Right or left hand retrieve. Gorgeous S-handle, black anodized aluminum sideplates, unique removable spool system and full-range drag adjustment knob. These reels were made from 1985-1988 and are almost impossible to find in this condition. Spool width is ~ 0.85". Reel foot is 2.4". Weight is 7 3/4 oz. Designed for a 5 or 6 weight line plus plenty of backing. The only marks on the reel are on the reel foot from being mounted on a rod and a tiny nick or two on the frame edges that I cannot even get to appear in a photo because they are so small. The reel also comes with a Saracione-supplied reel case and the specs of the reel which is something I've never seen before with these reels. A nice bonus!