Jim Schaaf Hollowbuilt Steelhead/Salmon Bamboo Rod 9'3" 3/2 #8/9

SKU: VFT5688

For sale here is a fine 8-9 weight bamboo rod built by Jim Schaaf, a one-time owner of Lyle Dickerson's rod making equipment and co-author of the Dickerson book. This salmon / steelhead rod is hollow-built and weighs roughly 6 1/2 oz. The rod is obviously inspired by some of the San Francisco Winstons or E.C. Powell rods from the golden age of steelheading. It has a fairly small grip with a fixed fighting butt stamped with the "Schaff Rod Shop" logo. The size 17/64 ferrule fit is excellent. The very smooth oil-based finish and all of the silk wraps are in excellent condition. The rod comes with three tips, each having slightly different tapers and weights. The rod appears to be absolutely original and in near mint condition, having appeared to have been cast but I can't find any evidence of it ever having being fished. All in all a purpose-built rod for someone who knew what he wanted. Comes with original bag and labeled tube. This rod is supposed to be catching big salmon or steelhead, not sitting on a website looking pretty. I don't think you will be disappointed!