Schliske, Matt - Slayer Model 7952 7'9 5wt

SKU: VFT11032

For sale here is a nice example of Matt Schliske's work, his Slayer model in a 7'9 2/2 5wt configuration. Gently used but not abused. Excellent condition. I like how Matt describes this rod on his website. Someone is going to be really happy owning this rod!

Slayer is a rod with deep juju. Inspired by the inhospitable, wild waters of Rattlesnake Creek, Slayer is the rod you grab in the toughest of conditions. Slayer rod lives up to its name. It's a rod that performs under pressure. The dark, rich mahogany finish is made to turn heads. Reminiscent of the mahogany and browntoned rods of the classic makers including Goodwin Granger, Fred Thomas and Eustis Edwards, Slayer has a traditional look that will turn heads. Slayer is not a subtle rod, it's a show off and made to slay trout. Slayer features black and white jasper wraps tipped claret with full claret intermediates. The nickel silver hardware is blued and the reel seat insert is redwood or walnut to match the deep hues of the bamboo. Slayer features full signature wraps, half wells or torpedo grip, matching black rod bag with claret hang tag and matching black aluminum rod tube with brass domed end caps.