Scientific Anglers - System 3 Model 10/11 Fly Reel

For sale here is a Scientific Anglers - System 3 fly reel. Direct Drive. Rated for 10-11wt lines. Made in the USA. Excellent+ condition with only very light cosmetic wear. The “O-ring” drag system was designed by Harry A. Prouza of Minnesota and Herman G. Voss of Florida.

The reel is anodized in a handsome deep burgundy color. Perhaps the best looking reel to come out of the long-running SA "System" series. Easily converts to RHW or LHW, currently RHW. The adjustable drag gives control of a wide variety of resistance. Palmable spool rim. The reel is loaded with backing. Includes the original box and reel pouch. 

Weight: 11.85 oz. with backing / 10.35 oz. without backing 
Diameter: 3.88"
Spool Width: 0.96"

WF10 + 350 yds 20-lb Dacron / 275 yds. 30-lb Dacron
WF11 + 300 yds 20-lb Dacron / 230 yds. 30-lb Dacron
WF12 + 250 yds 20-lb Dacron / 200 yds. 30-lb Dacron
WF13 + 200 yds 20-lb Dacron / 175 yds. 30-lb Dacron

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