Seele Fiberglass Spey Rod - Zeitlos 12'7 8wt

SKU: VFT9156

For sale here is a Seele two-handed fiberglass spey rod - the "Zeitlos Spey" - 12'7" for an 8 weight line. Like new condition with original bag and tube. The original owner's name is on the rod.

From Seele's website:
Product Description
Scandi 31-33 gram (480-520 grain) / Skagit 33-38 gram (520-600 grain)

Our 8wt workhorse is just unbelievable when it comes to feeling, distance, and power! Light like the 6wt with added power in the entire length, this rod is ready to play whatever you will ask for. Designed to handle all three different line types, Full Spey, Scandi, and Skagit in floating, sink tip, or full sinking.

The power of glass in this rod is fantastic but feeling is absolutely retained.

If you are looking for something special to catch your dream where you do not need to worry about size, this is the rod for you.

Zeitlos Glass Switch and double hand Spey rods
Full Medium Action, Seele S-Glass Fiber, Spigot Ferrules, Tip-over-Butt Ferrules on the Switch

These rods are already legend! We designed the most individual Switch and Spey rods of the entire fly fishing market.

Seele’s Zeitlos Glass Switch and Spey rods are built entirely out of glass and the feeling, power, and line speed you will get out of these full flexing rods is astonishing. They cast and fish like a dream. Trust them completely and you’ll see what glass can do!

We know you will be delighted by how light these rods feel and by their impressive recovery speed. Slow down and enjoy.

With these rods, we believe we have reached the holy grail of glass spey rods. No past or present rods are in the same league.

We are truly excited to offer this rod to all of you spey “nuts” or, more politely, “hopelessly lost-forever spey brothers and sisters!”

Less effort in the cast combined with an appropriate casting flow will give you the most out of these rods.

These rods feel nothing like what you would imagine when you hear about a glass double-hander over 12’ long. They feel light and, applying smooth control, you won’t believe how fast and how powerful they are.

Designed for swinging flies in medium-sized and big rivers for trout, steelhead and salmon.

Five pieces for an easy to pack and go spey rod. We have done our part and now the enjoyment is up to you.