Seele Zeitlos 9' 5wt 4 pc. Fiberglass Fly Rod

SKU: VFT2077

For sale here is a Seele Zeitlos 9' 5wt 4-pc. fiberglass fly rod. The rod is in mint condition with the exception of a few light handling marks in the grip. Serial no. 27902. The rod features a translucent glowstick-like unsanded fiberglass blank with cinnamon wraps. Blued guides. Black witness marks for easy alignment. The spigot ferrules fit perfectly with a 1/4" gap to account for wear over time. Full wells grip 6" in length. Black aluminum cap and ring reel seat over a mortised burl wood spacer. The rod weighs 3.60 oz. The action is classic glass - medium and very smooth. Includes original bag and tube with label.

From Seele's website:

"Zeitlos means “timeless” in German and, if there was ever a perfect word to describe good glass rods, it is timeless. The recent resurgence of glass rods is proof of this.

In typical Seele fashion, our Zeitlos glass-fiber rods are built without compromise. Every component, every step of production, has a single goal: to produce the world’s best glass rods.

We roll these blanks from a natural glass fiber pre-preg without any dyes or paints to hide the beautiful glass fibers. The result is a unique look that stands out from the fly-rod crowd yet blends in with natural surroundings on the water. These rods are not white. They are natural glass and the ultimate in translucency.

Like all of our rods, the Zeitlos features grips turned from flor grade cork rings that are hand selected and turned to shape on the rod blank. Our clean, dense cork produces a wonderful grip that will still feel great after years of hard fishing. We wrap our Zeitlos rods in a spring-green thread and use a gorgeous translucent green agate stripping guide (except on the 6wt and 7wt models). The result is a rod with a look that is both unique and classic at the same time.

The hallmarks of the Zeitlos rods are smoothness, beauty, and all around exceptional performance. These rods are an absolute joy to own and fish. The tapers of the Zeitlos rods are a combination of the renowned work McFarland has done over the past decade in the world of glass rods combined with Mauri’s insights on taper design and power transition. The result is a truly exceptional glass rod that is destined to become legendary or, shall we say, a Zeitlos Classic."