Sharpe, J.S. - "The Aberdeen" 14' 3/1 10wt Bamboo Rod

SKU: VFT1461

For sale here is an impregnated J.S. Sharpe The "Aberdeen" 14' 3/1 10wt bamboo rod. Serial no. 45. Excellent original condition though the wraps have received a light varnish overcoat. There is a minor hook ding in the mid section. All sections are full length with a minor set in the tip. The tip was made 1 1/8" shorter than the butt and mid. 

Moderately tempered cane with burgundy wraps. Copper or brass wire wraps at the ferrules with burgundy tipping. The decals and script have worn off with the exception if the "impregnated" decal. The two-handed grip is a total of 25" from the winding check to the bottom of the fighting butt. The cork shows moderate soiling and is quite smooth. A small chunk of cork has been knocked off the corner of the swell below the winding check. Aluminum cap and ring reel seat. The hard rubber fighting butt shows minor cracks near the check though these aren't of any major concern. "J.S. Sharpe Ltd Aberdeen" is stamped into the fighting butt check. The oxidized brass ferrules are size 23/64 and 30/64 with a great fit and include the original wooden ferrule plugs. Red witness marks as well as "8" stamped into each ferrule. The rod weighs 21.85 oz. Includes original bag with label.