Simroe, Ted -- 9' 6wt Bamboo Rod (New!)

SKU: VFT1357

For sale here is a new rod made by Ted Simroe, legendary rod maker with the H.L. Leonard Rod Company and on his own. Model number 2906 -- 9' 2/2 6wt -- not an easy taper for most rod makers to achieve! Serial no. 847. The rod is in mint condition. All sections are full length and straight.

Straw colored blonde cane. Rich honey colored wraps with black tipping. Bright guides. Ring hook-keeper. The tips are marked one and two for convenience. Bright aluminum checks. Garrison-style grip 6 3/4" in length with the plastic shrinkwrap still in place. Bright aluminum down-locking reel seat with a beautifully figured maple spacer and a nickel silver butt cap. The Swiss-style ferrules are size 14/64, the fit is perfect. The rod weighs 5.45 oz. The action is classic medium and deep-loading. A solid all-around big water trout rod. Includes original tan bag with leather tab and original tube with fine brass fittings. Don't miss out on the opportunity to acquire one of Mr. Simroe's coveted rods.