Bob Summers Model 735 DeLuxe Fly Rod 7'3" 2/2 #4/5


An excellent Bob Summers Model 735 Deluxe bamboo rod, 7'3" 2/2 for a #4/5. Serial #9790. The action is fairly quick with a semi-parabolic action. The rod is in excellent original condition. All sections are full length and straight. Beautiful flame-tempered cane with bronze wraps and black tipping. Bright chrome guides and a Mildrum carbide stripper. Garrison-style hook keeper. The script remains clean and bold. Hawes-style grip 5 5/8" in length with a slight taper towards the back. The cork is moderately soiled but remains very smooth. Downlocking nickel silver pocket cap and ring reel seat over a handsome mortised burl wood spacer. The butt cap is stamped, "R.W. Summers Co. Traverse City. Mi U.S.A".

The step-down ferrules have a great fit, nice and snug. Included is the original ferrule plug tethered to the rod bag for safe keeping. The rod is nicely balanced weighing in at a lean 3.80 oz. The dry-fly action is on the faster side of medium-fast and nicely balanced in the hand. Swift and accurate with a good deal of backbone in the butt section. The thin tips allow for lively fights, tippet protection, and delicate casts. Although the rod is certainly suited for dry flies it can handle just about any situation on your local trout stream.